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OneGee Snuff Box 16

  • OneGee Snuff Box BUTLER NO°16
  • OneGee Snuff Box BUTLER NO°16
  • OneGee Snuff Box BUTLER NO°16
  • OneGee Snuff Box BUTLER NO°16
  • OneGee Snuff Box BUTLER NO°16
  • OneGee Snuff Box BUTLER NO°16
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About OneGee Snuff Box 16

Swiss design at its finest—a supreme cocaine storing and sniffing experience, in a single high-end, handy package. As the smallest of our snuff boards, the oneGee Snuff Box is also the most convenient, especially for those who like to take quick, discrete hits on the go.

The lid of the Butler No°16 box smoothly slides down to reveal sixteen storage trays for your precious powder. Each tray can be loaded with the perfect amount of coke for a mini hit, and the total amount that can be stored is 1.2 g.

The carbon tube fits neatly into its dedicated slot along the side of the box, ready to facilitate efficient, clean pulls anywhere, anytime. It provides a much more stylish and hygienic experience than a typical bank note, which is handled by hundreds or thousands of people throughout its lifetime.

This luxury cocaine storing and sniffing kit represents the ultimate in Swiss precision engineering and attention to detail. Made from high-grade antibacterial aluminum, it is hygienic, easy to clean, and durable; a product that can last a lifetime. Also included with the Butler No°16 Snuff Box set are two mirror cards, crafted to easily crush your coke into a fine powder.

Each Butler No°16 set comes with:

  • 1x Butler Box (85 x 54 x 9 mm, total capacity 1.2 g)
  • 1x Spoon to fill the trays
  • 2x Carbon tubes
  • 2x Mirror cards
  • 1x High-quality cardboard packaging in satin bag

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