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Choose one of our product(s):

Select the product which you like to buy.

Go to the right site in the page a button (in cart).

After you have clicked on the `in cart´ button, you will be linked to the  “what`s in my cart”  page.


 Here you can find the following possibilities:


•the quantity:

here you can select the wanted quantity.


•Update cart:

By clicking the “update cart” button,  the cart will be updated by the by you made changes.


•Continue shopping:

Click this button in case you like to select more products into your basket.



Click this button in case you are finished with shopping and you like to checkout and finish your order.


 If you click the “checkout”  button,  you will be linked to the “checkout” page.

Here you can choose to with your account email and password.   


Creating an account:

When you don´t have an account yet, you have to create an account first.

By clicking  the “continue” button you will be linked to the account page.

Just fill in your personal details and please be sur you fillin the right address details so we can ship your products to the right address.


After you are finished with setup an account, you will receive a confirmation email and you are able to login to our system by fill in your account email address and the by you created password.


Shipping page:

Once you have logged in, you will be linked to the “checkout shipping” page.

Here you can select the available shipping methods.

Also you will see a comment box on this page.

You have the possibility to leave a comment here which will be connected to your order.

Just select the by you wanted shipping method and optional a comment.

After you are done, just click the “continue” button.



Payment page:

Once you have clicked the “continue” button on the checkout shipping page you will be linked to the checkout payment page.

On this page you can select one of  the available payment methods.

Also you see a discount voucher box.

In case you have a discount voucher, just fill in the code into this box so the system will re calculate the price include the discount.

After you have selected payment method, you have to click the “continue” button to go to the checkout conformation page.


Confirmation page:

Once you have clicked the “continue” button on the checkout payment page, you will be linked to the checkout confirmation page.

Here you can find a sum up of all the available order details like your ordered products,  shipping address, shipping method, payment method, etc.

Here you still can still change details.

Once you agree with the details you have to click the “continue button” to do your payment or in case you have to pay on a later stage, you can finish your order.


Checkout success page:

Once you have finished you payment or you do your payment on a later stage, you will be linked to the checkout success page.


Now your order is been created and a confirmation email is been sent to your email address.

If you have already paid for your order, will ship your order within one business day.

In case you do have to pay for your order, you will find all the payment details into the last confirmation email we have sent to you.

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