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Saturday 24 October, 2009

I agree with the previous reviewer that Ayahusca is 'hardcore stuff'. Ayahuasca does more than deal with deep psychological issues, its deals with serious spiritual matters which manifest in our reality as our psychological baggage, traumas, dreams etc. After taking Ayahusca 150 times I have found that different Ayahuasca ingredients seems to open a different doorway to the same teaching and healing realm. For beginners I feels that Chacruna or Paganum combined with Mimosa hostilis is the gentlist and most patient teacher. Ayahusca can get more heavy handed when Psycotria viridis is used. I would only recommend using Diplopterys cabrerana after extensive experience using other recipies, as things can get very serious and it is not a game. I also feel however that Ayahuacsa can be trusted, and that it will only invite you through various doorways if it feels you are up to it. If an occasion arrises in which you are not ready, then Ayahuasca will make you vomit and things will ease off. That is a learning experience also, and should not be viewed negatively.

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