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Cheese феминизированные
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About Cheese marijuana seeds:

A very stoned Indica-Sativa mix with big very tight, hard and compact buds
The characteristics of these 2 combined (Master Kush with Super Skunk), produces a more controlled Cheese marijuana plant with unique deep musky and earthy smells, cheese....
As soon as Cheese marijuana plants start to flower. You might want to think about controlling that cannabis smell.

The Cheese marijuana stone feeling is very high, uplifting and lasts long. Cheese marijuana makes you laugh, feel happy all combined with mental awareness.

When you decide to grow Cheese marijuana seeds outdoors, these beautiful marijuana plants grow really bushy, so make sure to space the marijuana plants enough.

When you decide to grow Cheese marijuana seeds indoors, the yield will be more consistent then outdoors, as when you grow indoors you control the climate yourself.

Cheese marijuana seeds will not give you many problems with seedlings because the cheese marijuana seeds show a good rate of germination.
The yield of the Cheese marijuana seeds depends your choice to grow indoor or outdoor, but Cheese marijuana seeds always give big yields.

Cheese smelly marijuana seeds is real stoned!

Also we have the feminized version in our Seedshop!: Cheese feminized marijuana seeds

Genetics: Indica-Sativa mix

Flowering: 8-10 Weeks

Harvest: Mid-October

Yield: 700 Grams/m2

Height: Medium (50-75 cm)

Effect: Very Stoned

Thc level: Strong 15%

Quantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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