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ez luxury dope test kit
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About EZ luxury dope test kit:

EZ luxury dope test kit for ecstasy and speed used by law agencies all over the world!.

Features of the EZ luxury dope test kit:

EZ luxury dope test kit is a chemical in a small bottle secured in a plastic container.
Ecstasy-like substances will show different colors
An information sheet and color chart are included and the EZ luxury dope test kit comes with an extensive instruction for use.
So the EZ luxury dope test is a test kit that can help you to measure unwanted (side) effects of dangerous substances often found in street drugs.
You will only need a little scrap of your pill or powder to be able to test it.
Instructions and a color chart are included.

ez luxury dope test kit contains:

1 bottle of:

F: Marquis (for ecstasy like substance (MDMA, MDEA , MDA or MBDB) present
in the pill)

Use of e.z extreme:

Marquis to see whether there is an ecstasy like substance

The reagents are highly toxic! Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

Read the instructions before you use it, No guarantee for SAFE drug use, but at least you can test what you have!

For a more complete test have a look at our: EZ complete ecstacy dope testers

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