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Better Bat Smooth Tip

Better Bat Smooth Tip

With these colorful Better-Bats 1 quick hit is all you need. Easy to use and to clean, made of high quality materials.
Smooth Tip: suitable for use with fine herbs and tobacco.

How does it work?
First you fill the Better-Bat with your favorite smoking mixture. Then light it up and take 1 good strong puff.
After this, push the bottom up to eject all the ash and tobacco remnants in the Better-Bat. Now it's ready again for the next time you need it.


  • Model: MISP-078
  • Colors: black/ green /red /blue /grey /silver /gold / purple
  • Measurements: full length Better-Bat: 8 cm, tube (stem) Ø: 8mm, pipe head Ø (inner): 6mm, pipe head depth: 10mm
  • Material: anodized aerospace aluminum/ stainless steel

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