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marijuana rasta socks
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About marijuana rasta socks:

These marijuana Rasta socks are designed with three big black weed leafs on each side of the Rasta colored socks.
Just nice to use marijuana Rasta socks for you or as a gift for a special Rasta friend.

Features of the marijuana Rasta socks:

The marijuana Rasta socks are made of a nice soft material in a characteristic Rasta design.

Usage of the marijuana Rasta socks:

Off course you can use these great looking marijuana Rasta socks to keep your own feet warm, but you can also use this for your Rasta or weed/cannabis collection or as an item for decoration.

Color of the marijuana Rasta socks:

These marijuana Rasta socks are available in characteristic Rasta colors which is a combination of green, yellow and red with three big green weed/cannabis leafs on the sides to point to a marihuana cultural history.

Do you think these marijuana Rasta socks are to colorful then also have a look at our weed leaf socks which are mainly black with red edges and green leafs on the sides!

size: 36-41

weight: 35 grams

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