EZ Test THC in Hash and Marijuana
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Why use EZ Test for THC in Hashish and Marijuana?
This test shows you whether THC is present in Hashish or Marijuana. The test will give a red colour in the presence of THC.

Content EZ Test for THC in Hashish and Marijuana
1 ampoule per pack
1 instruction manual
1 colour chart

Instructions EZ Test for THC in Hashish and Marijuana
Step 1: use a little bit of the sample to do the test (approx. 2,2mm)
Step 2: hold the ampoule between thumb and forefinger and break off the top
Step 3: insert the sample in the ampoule and let it mix
Step 4: observe the colour reaction and compare it to the colour chart
Step 5: do not litter, avoid contamination.

Warning EZ Test for THC in Hashish and Marijuana:
The EZ Test is a quick way to identify if there is THC in Hashish or Marijuana. Note that the EZ test only gives an indication and cannot ensure 100% guarantee. If you still have doubts regarding the ingredients after testing, you can always get it tested by an official agency. No rights or claims can be derived from using the EZ Test.

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