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ZYDOT Body Cleaner

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ZYDOT Body Cleaner


  • Drink only 500ml of water 1 hour before drinking Zydot.
  • Fill the bottle halfway with water and shake it. Then fill the rest of the bottle up with water.
  • Drink the whole content in one go.
  • After 15 minutes fill the bottle again with water and drink it.
  • 1 hour after drinking Zydot and urinate 2-3 times, you will be free of toxins for 4-5 hours.


  • Two hours before drinking Zydot, avoid drinking large quantities of water.
  • Four hours before drinking Zydot, avoid eating large meals.
  • 24-48 hours before drinking Zydot, avoid (unnecessary) medication, alcohol, vitamins, salty food and acidic liquids (for example, fruit juices, vinegar, coffee, etc.).
  • Drink Zydot, if possible, in the afternoon or after being awake for 4-5 hours.

Do not use when pregnant, breastfeeding, depressed, psychotic, operating motorized vehicles or heavy machinery, or in combination with alcohol or medicines. Not to be used by minors. When in doubt, always consult a specialist.


  • Code: SM-300
  • Description: Zydot Euro Blend
  • Flavours: orange, wild cherry and tropical punch

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