rasta leaf hat

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rasta leaf hat
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About rasta leaf hat:

The Rasta weed leaf hat is designed with a green cannabis leaf on the edge in the middle.
Just a nice Rasta cannabis leaf hat to wear or collect for yourself or as a gift for a special Rasta friend.

Features of the Rasta weed leaf hat:

The Rasta weed leaf hat is made of a nice soft material in a characteristic Rasta design.

Usage of the Rasta weed leaf hat :

Off course you can use this great looking Rasta weed leaf hat to wear yourself, but you can also use this for your Rasta or weed/cannabis collection.
This Rasta weed leaf hat helps you through the cold days but with the great looking design it is also used indoors at special occasions as well to show your identity.

Color of the Rasta weed leaf hat :

This weed leaf hat is only available in characteristic Rasta colors which are a combination of green, yellow and red with a green weed/cannabis leaf in the middle on the edge to point to a marihuana cultural history.

length: 20 cm

width: 19 cm

weight: 40 grams

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