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Offering a large range of products, over 1500 items and growing every day. We offer worldwide shipping and are able to deliver within one week to every country of the world. We are 16 hours a day available on our live chat to help and inform you!

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Weight Loss Products
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With every seed order you will receive free seeds of your choice. You can choose between each seed variety in our range.

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Regular seeds - female seeds - auto flowering seeds
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Orange Bud – feminized seeds

Crystal Coma – feminized seeds

Girl Scout Cookies – feminized seeds

White Widow XTRM - autoflowering seeds

Free seeds with every order of Marijuana seeds! You can choose for regular, feminized but also autoflowering seeds!
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  • Available in 7 different colours
  • No batteries needed
  • Pocket model
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The lolite vaporizer has a flameless butane catalytic heater and precision bi-metal thermostat which ensures herbs are heated, not burned and no waiting in between pulls for heat up or cool down. It´s a small portable handheld, herbal vaporizer that is about the same size as a typical smartphone. A fill of butane gas will last for 2 hours of vaporizing. No expensive batteries, car kits or similar accessories needed.

Why burn your herbs if you can vaporize them?
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Bestselling seed shop products

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Mushroom Mycelium Box
Mushroom Mycelium Box 37.50 see product
Atlantis Magic Truffles
Atlantis Magic Truffles 15.50 see product
Jurema (Mimosa Hostilis)
Jurema (Mimosa Hostilis) 24.50 see product
Agate Cocaine Kit
Agate Cocaine Kit 22.50 26.85 see product
Herbal Joints Party Package
Herbal Joints Party Package 47.75 see product
Rooted San Pedro Cactus in Soil
Rooted San Pedro Cactus in Soil 39.50 see product
OneGee Grand Box Anthracite Slot Edition +
OneGee Grand Box Anthracite Slot Edition + 199.00 see product
Grand Box Anthracite Slot Edition +
Grand Box Anthracite Slot Edition + 199.00 see product
Plate Heater
Plate Heater 14.50 see product
Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus Tea 8.75 see product
Blueberry mix auto-flowering marijuana seeds
Blueberry mix auto-flowering marijuana seeds 43.00 52.25 see product
Metal Weed On-line Smoking Pipe
Metal Weed On-line Smoking Pipe 7.95 9.95 see product
Agate Cocaine Kit
Agate Cocaine Kit 22.50 26.85 see product
Our happy customers
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Glass Slim Beach Bong
White Widow marijuana seeds by Alexei Tokarev

As a legal registered medical cannabis patient in California ...

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White Widow marijuana seeds
2spicy by Jan

Absolutely no effect at all if you're ment to smoke it. I wo ...

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Morning glory seeds by Tony

I was positively surprised by the effect of these seeds, as ...

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Morning glory seeds
Trip-e by garrett Plutowski

Personally, I have felt No effect at all with these and I to ...

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Kratom bali powdered by fernando costa

Kratom is for sure a big win of elephantos!! Great product, ...

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Kratom bali powdered
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