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Ask Ed

Marijuana Question? ASK ED is the long-awaited compilation from the populair High Times column “Ask Ed.” Since the feature began in 1983, it has answered every conceivable question regarding marijuana cultivation, indoors and out. No topic was too arcane or too esotic for Ed’s probing pen. But this book is not just a simple rehash of Ed’s column-the letters have been arranged by subject and the responses have been revised and very often clarified and expanded. Most growers will find themselves referring to this book more than to any other cultivation manual in their library; it is a virtual encyclopdia of information with a superlative table of contents and index.


Ed Rosenthal is the (in) famous High Times editor and columnist whose expert advice has been used by millions of gardners. He is the author of two of the most best-selling marijuana cultivation books ever published: Marijuana Growers Handbook and Marijuana Growers’s Guide. Ed currently divides his time between international cultivation research, the study of international economics. And domestic marijuana law reform. His hobbies are drugs, sex and music.

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