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The Sinsemilla Technique

The Sinsemilla Technique
his is one of the few books on cannabis to avoid high-voltage hyperbole in favor of a simple, easy-to understand story. The Sinsemilla Technique tells how law enforcement agencies forced marijuana growers to grow fewer and fewer plants on smaller and smaller plots of land to avoid detection. To make up for the lack of quantity, marijuana growers were forced to improve the quality. Thus was born the science and art of growing plants without seeds, or "sin se milla." The Sinsemilla Technique tells the story of life in the marijuana gardens of the West Coast. It is richly illustrated with real-life stories that make the sinsemilla technology come to life. The Sinsemilla Technique is beautifully illustrated with black and white and color photographs (check out the infrared photos of hidden gardens!), well-crafted line drawings and charts filled with growing information. No high-voltage hyperbole here. Just a simple, fun and very-informative read!

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