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collection of rings

collection of rings

About collection of rings:

This special collection box of steel rings contains 12 rings in 3 sizes in 4 different designs.

Features of the collection of rings:

These are high quality, sturdy, high stainless steel rings in a special collection box.
The collection of rings consist of 12 rings, the 4 different illustrations on the rings weredone with a laser tech etch technique specially designed for this collection of rings.

Contents of the collection of rings:

The box consists of 12 rings in 4 different designs each design comes in the sizes: M, L and XL. So each of the 4 designs of the rings in this collection comes in 3 sizes.

Designs of the rings in the collection:

Design 1: with little green colored weed leafs
Design 2: with little bulls or so called Taurus’s
Design 3: with futuristic flowers
Design 4: with fantasy design

All together the collection box of rings is a nice collection to give to yourself or you can use some of the rings as a gift to a special friend!

length: 2,3 cm

Weight: 7 grams per ring

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