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the savorette pipe

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the savorette pipe
The Savorette pipe is a sleek, attractive self-loading pipe that presents a convenient, cost effective and discrete smoking option for cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco, or any other alternative tobaccos. The ultimate in smoking paraphenalia, the Savorette pipe fits in the palm of your hand, and will slip easily into a twenty pack of cigarettes - leaving you room for ten 'ordinary' cigarettes. The storage chamber of the Savorette pipe holds sufficient tobacco (of the consumers' choice) to deliver 25 bowls, each equivalent to one third of a conventional cigarette in puffs of smoke. Each Savorette pipe is individually hand crafted in Australia. Fill the container of the Savorette with the ingredients of your choice, rotate up to load and down for the smoking position. You'll get up to 25 instant smokes! Makes smoking in public places easier. Experts say the Savorette saves them money, time, and waste, and above all... saviours the flavour!

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