Microdosing Pack 1

  • Microdosing Pack 1
  • Microdosing Pack 1
  • Microdosing Pack 1

About Microdosing Pack 1

Probably one of the most exciting areas of psychedelics research is a practice known as "microdosing." As the name suggests, microdosing refers to taking a very low dose of a psychedelic a few times per week. Since these doses are both weak and spread out, users don't have to worry about experiencing intense hallucinations or developing a tolerance for the drug. Basically, microdosing patients get to experience the many cognitive benefits of psychedelics without disturbances to their daily lives.

Effect of Microdosing Pack 1

In theory, both psilocybin mushrooms and truffles should have the same effect on a person's mind. Anecdotal evidence suggests, however, that truffles are a "mild" psychedelic when compared with magic mushrooms.

Recreational users claim psilocybin mushrooms are far more likely to take users on a deep, introspective journey. By contrast, truffles tend to be more uplifting and cause users to experience vivid and humorous hallucinations. There's also evidence that suggests truffles might have slightly lower levels of psychedelic compounds compared with magic mushrooms.

A few of the effects patients who microdose with psychedelics usually experience include:

• Increased concentration
• Contentment
• Better problem-solving skills
• Greater creativity
• Mental clarity

Patients who are struggling with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD, and bipolar disorder are superb candidates for microdosing with truffles.


Every microdosing pack has six one-gram capsules of fresh psilocybin truffles. Users pop open one of these capsules on their scheduled "microdosing day" and swallow it. If you don't feel like eating psilocybin truffles directly, then consider adding your truffle to a cup of tea or juice.

Store in a refrigerator between 4°C and 8°C.


Since microdosing is a relatively new science, there still aren't standardized limits set for psilocybin truffle dosages. To be considered "microdosing," however, users shouldn't exceed one gram of psilocybin truffles on their microdosing day.

People who feel that one gram of psilocybin truffles is too intense for them should stop taking truffles for at least two days and then try half a dose. Believe it or not, some people take truffle dosages as low as 0.1 grams and experience positive benefits.

Bottom line: listen to how your body responds to psilocybin truffles and tailor their truffle dosage accordingly. You could also keep a daily journal while you're microdosing to help you better track physical and emotional changes.


People who are interested in taking small doses of truffles need to remember to schedule breaks in-between microdosing sessions. Like any other substance, you could easily develop a tolerance for psilocybin truffles if you're not careful.

After taking one small dose of truffles, wait at least two days before microdosing again. These two days will give your body enough time to reset naturally.

For optimal results, take psilocybin truffles early in the day on an empty stomach. If this is your first time taking a psychedelic, then consider ingesting psilocybin truffles on a day where you don't have any major obligations.


Each capsule of psilocybin truffles in this microdosing kit contains one gram of fresh truffles.


Even though psilocybin truffles are non-addictive, they could cause issues if misused. Bear in mind that most of the people who experience adverse effects from psilocybin truffles take these substances recreationally at extremely high doses. This is especially true if users take truffles in an unsafe place and/or while they are dealing with a life crisis. A few common negative effects associated with truffles include increased paranoia and anxiety.

Although patients rarely experience adverse effects while microdosing, it's not unheard of. If you experience negative sensations like increased fear or memory issues, then you should take a few days off of the truffles. The next time you microdose, consider lowering your truffle dosage and see how your body responds.

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