Magic Rye Mushbag

Magic Rye Mushbag
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The latest mushroom cultivate innovation is born.
A mushroom growkit with the high quality standards as you can expect from us.

We are proud to present the ?Magic Rye Mushbag?

Each magic rye mushbag contains over 1400 grams of rye, which usually gives a yield of 1000 ? 1500 grams of fresh mushrooms!!!!!!
Harvest is reachable within 2 a 3 weeks, dependable on circumstances like the temperature and which mushroom strain is used

The magic rye mushbag contains a heat-treated substrate that´s suitable for the spawn production of most edible mushrooms.

It´s equipped with an absolute filter and a rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with the spore syringe

This growkit does not contain spores or syringes.
Click here to select a spore syringe

How to use this growkit:

For a complete instruction see: complete magic rye mushback growpack

1) Clean the injection port:
Use the supplied alcohol swap the desinfect the port.
Do not touch the port afterwards.

magic rye mushbag growkit 1

2) Heat the Needle:
Heat the needle of the syringe until it´s red hot.
Then let it cool for 15 seconds.

magic rye mushbag growkit 2

3) Inject the mushroom spores:
Insert the needle of the syringe though the rubber patch and inject the desired amount of liquid spores
If the flow blocks gently pull the needle back a bit
Repeat steps 1-3 for each magic rye mush back

magic rye mushbag growkit 3

4) Incubate:
Carefully squeeze the bag to distribute the spores.
Put it in a warm dark place
Make sure that the filter is free from the bag.
Once the mycelium starts to growing, the bag will inflate a little.
Shaking the bag now will speed up the growth.
The white filter is the most fragile part of the magic mushbag, so be careful not to damage it when shaking.
Once all grain kernels are covered with the white mycelium, the spawm is ready for use.

magic rye mushbag growkit 4

5) Growing mushrooms
There are several ways in which the inoculated rye can be used to grow mushrooms.
The easiest and safest method is to keep the rye in the bag, but cover it with a thin layer of vermiculite.
To do this, carefully open the bag at the top (using sterile equipment), add the vermiculite, fold the top of the bag two times and close it with two paperclips.

Spores are not included
If the mushbag contaminates, it can not be saved.
Never open a contaminated mushbag!

Every mushroom strain can be used for the magic rye mushbag.
Though, our experience is that the ?psilocybe cubensis Cambodia? strain is the strongest strain for this kind of purposes.
The ?psilocybe cubensis Cambodia spores? grows faster and produced the biggest harvest.

Shipping restrictions:
We do not ship this product to: Australia, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Spain.

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