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Clean Urine Push And Piss

Clean Urine Push And Piss

Fool your employer! Screeny Weeny is a fake penis, that can be filled with 100% synthetic and drug free urine. The unique Push & Piss system makes it very easy to use and looks completely natural. Tie the fake penis around your waist and squeeze it to allow the urine to come out. Thanks to the 100% synthetic urine you can safely pass any drug test. This Push & Piss system is refillable and the refills can also be ordered separately on this page.


  • Code: SM-207b
  • Description: CleanUrin ScreenyWeeny Circumcised
  • Contents:
    1x ScreenyWeeny (authentic looking penis)
    1x thermo bag
    2x ScreenUrin 80ml (100% synthetic)
    1x Syringe

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