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BC Vaporizer

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BC Vaporizer

About the BC Vaporizer:

The BC Vaporizer is the most compact and less complicated vaporizer.

Features of the BC Vaporizer:

BC Vaporizer is Your Healthy Alternative!
Because of the high heat when you burn herbs in a cigarette or pipe there are a lot of unwanted side effects and you lose active ingredients.
What the BC Vaporizer does is different from any smoking device. First your herb is heated to the point where active ingredients are vaporized and released but never reaches combustion temperature, this way you avoid inhaling a lot of toxics.
If you are concerned about the dangers of inhaling any sort of smoke.......The BC Vaporizer is Your Healthy Alternative!

Medicinal Value:
Marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known.
It has a wide variety of therapeutic applications;
• Relief from nausea and increase of appetite
• Reduction of intraocular ("within the eye") pressure
• Reduction of muscle spasms
• Relief from chronic pain

Marijuana is frequently beneficial in the treatment of AIDS, Glaucoma, Cancer (chemotherapy treatment), Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain .......Many patients also report that marijuana is useful for treating arthritis, migraine, menstrual cramps, alcohol and opiate addiction, and depression and other debilitating mood disorders. (Source: Marijuana Policy Project

At the moment the BC vaporizer is only available with eu-plug (220 volt)

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