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Om Alsem

This bitter aromatic magic herb called alsem or wormwood herb was extensively used to make absinth and some wines like vermouth. Alsem is suitable to make tea and in these small doses alsem is a remedy against a cold, rheuma and tapeworm and increases the appetite. But alsem is also used to smoke.

Each portion of Alsem contains

100 gram of alsem, magic herbs


To smoke: When you smoke alsem it is recommended to use a sigaret-filter, so that you won't have bitter taste in your mouth and on your lips.

To drink as tea: most common to use is to drink the alsem as a tea.
Soak one teaspoon herb in one cup of hot (non-boiling) water. As the tea will have a bitter taste you can only try to mix a little pepermintleave or some anise with it to cover the taste.
You can't combine sweat and bitter, so don't mix your tea with sugar.

To make Absinthe: you soak 40 grams of Alsem in half a liter of strong drank (for instance Pernod). After seeking it, the drank is ready for use. First try a little glass to dose the effect.
Also see our warning for alsem.


The effect of alsem is narcotic, lightly anaesthetic and it gives a peaceful and relaxing feeling. In combination with alcohol or in larger doses hallucinations can appear.

Alsem is a psychic stimulant.


Alsem is poisonous. Long and intensive use can lead to addition, corporal and psychical decline and it can lead to nervosity, restlessness and cramps. High doses can cause headaches and dizziness. Higher doses are psycho activating and having a paralyzing effect. The further intoxication by overdoses are arbitrary stools, to unconsciousness, coma and death. When you have made Absinth, try at first one little glass and wait about an hour for the effect. Try it again at another opportunity. You can better dose to less and have no effects, than to much and might poison yourself or get sick. It is strongly dissuade to ride the car when you're under the influence of alsem.

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