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There's no better way to appreciate the full complexity of your tobacco leaves or cannabis buds than to buy Smoking Pipes on Elephantos

There are countless varieties of pipes out there, but most have a distinctive bowl where you place your herb and a curved mouthpiece.

While many pipes are quite convenient, pipe smoking isn't usually intended for a "quick fix." Indeed, many aficionados say pipe smoking should be compared with sipping a fine wine or eating a five-star meal.

Anyway, most pipes require more patience and skill to operate and clean than one hitters or chillums. This makes pipe smoking ideal for folks who really like to take the time to savor their strain's flavors.

It's often recommended you have a few pipes in your collection for different occasions. This is especially true if you have a higher-end wood pipe because these products absorb the flavors of whatever herbs you're routinely smoking.

So, consider using your wooden pipe for one favorite strain and invest in a glass or acrylic device for tasting and/or sharing.

Since there are so many pipes to choose from, we've organized our pipe collection by material. Below, you'll find tabs for the following categories:

• Acrylic
• Glass
• Metal
• Stone
• Wood

Anyone who has questions about the smoking pipes available on Elephantos should get in touch with our Customer Care department.

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