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The Original Spere

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The Original Spere
A revolutionary new concept in pipe smoking. Round and cool

Here's a real message in a bottle for all smokers who want to add some style and comfort to their pipe smoking. Made of pure stainless steel, with an unique design, the Magic Sphere - featuring the exclusive Magic Sphere Valve technology - fits on any standard bottle necktop to create the most revolutionary - and practical - waterpipe ever. Easy to clean, flawless in shape, it is the ultimate tool to enjoy fine smoking with friends in a most up-to-date way. No more hassles to clean hookahs or waterpipe bodies; when you're finished with one bottle, you just take a new one from your fridge. You can even enjoy smoking through the original drink contained within, if you are up for a new flavour experience. And, once it's dismantled, the Magic Sphere simply looks like an innovative, stylish objet d'art.

How to use it?

Did you ever notice how a spherical shape fits onto a circular hole, centers itself automatically and creates a virtually airtight contact surface?

We did: and upon this basis we created the unique Magic Sphere Valve. The Sphere is as easy to use as can be: you will be provided with a sphere, a "shank" (big tube), a "bit" (small tube) and a cleaning rod. Simply insert the "shank" and the "bit" into their respective holes. Thanks to the different diameter of the tubes, it will be easy to find which goes where. The two lateral oval holes are designed to store the tubes or for adding a holder like a key ring. Now that you have inserted the tubes into the right holes, lower the shank into a bottle filled with fresh water, until the sphere sits on the top of the neck and the tip of the shank is about one inch below the surface of the water. Adjust the level of water so that you have both maximum refreshment and ease of puff.

There you are. Ready to smoke.

You don't even need a screen, as the "tobacco" always burns perfectly and evenly in the Sphere .

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