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About Ephedra:
Ephedra works as an energizer and a stimulant, it produces a clear mind and increases stamina. The active ingredient of Ma Huang, ephedrine, has been proven to act as a natural energetic factor that turns body fat into heat, helping you to loose weight in a natural way. Finally, ephedrine has a relaxing effect on the airways, which makes it suitable for the treatment of asthma.

Use & Effect:
Put in water and leave to boil for 10 minutes before drinking; max. 1 teaspoon per person. Note that other products that contain much higher concentrations of efedrine are strong stimulants, they are not suitable for daily consumption in order to loose weight!!


May cause insomnia, raised blood pressure and or heart rate, anxiety, cold shivers. Ephedra inhibits the MAO enzyme. Do not combine it with other MAO inhibitors (It is important to realize that certain other products with a high ephedrine content are stimulants. These are pretty strong uppers that work very stimulating. They are certainly not designed to be used as a dietary supplement to induce weight loss or to reduce the symptoms of asthma !!!)

Shipping restrictions:
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