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Mexicana A growkit

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Mexicana A growkit

Mexicana A growkit a great truffle grow kit:

The Mexicana A growkit works just as simple as the philosopher´s stones growkit.
Philosopher´s stones and Mexicana A are special kinds of psychedelic mushroom the strains are capable of producing, besides mushrooms the so called sclerotia also known as stones or truffles.
Our kits do not produce the mushrooms!

Instructions for Mexicana A growkit:

This easy growkit contains a sterilized substrate, into which the mycelium of Mexicana A is already injected (the lid contains a bacteria).
You only have to take care of a few things and then you are ready to harvest:

  • Place the growkit on a clean spot, not above the heating and not in direct sunlight
  • Keep the temperature around the jar between  20-24°C or 68-77°
  • Check the injection date on the jar, count 4-5 months further from that date, you than calculated the harvest date.
  • Do not open the jar before this harvest date, than harvest all at once

Note: After 4-5 months you will notice that the sclerotia will stop growing. The substrate is exhausted. Now the jar contains the maximum of weight in scletoria, which are ready to be harvested!

Quantity for 1 Mexicana A growkit:

You should be able to harvest at least 60 grams of fresh scletoria (Mexicana A truffles) from
1 growkit.

Usages of Mexicana A, truffles:

Never consume more than 8 grams of fresh Mexicana a truffles, when you are not a frequent user (yet) do not use more than 4 grams.

To buy ready to eat truffles or for more information about the effect or usage please have a look at our Elephantos psychedelic philosopher´s stones !


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