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There’s no better place to buy Psychedelics online than in the Elephantos Smart Shop

Whether you’re interested in the religious ecstasy of psychedelic cacti, the wonders of DMT-containing Ayahuasca, or the pain-relieving properties of Kratom, you’ll find something incredible on this psychedelics page.

All of our psychedelics are available in multiple forms including powders, capsules, hash, and dried herbs. Depending on the herb, you could swallow it directly, eat it, brew a tea, or smoke it.

Best of all, the psychedelics sold in our portfolio have been carefully selected for their legality. This means you won’t have to worry about legal hassles getting your preferred psychedelic substance delivered to your doorstep.

Need more details on the psychedelics in our catalog? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Elephantos team.

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Ayahuasca#1 20.00 more info
Ayahuasca#2 15.00 more info
Ayahuasca#3 15.00 more info
Ayahuasca#4 12.50 more info
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds 9.50 more info
Kratom bali powdered
Kratom bali powdered 13.00 more info
Kratom resin 15x
Kratom resin 15x 14.50 more info
Morning glory seeds
Morning glory seeds 7.50 more info
Sanpedro cactus
Sanpedro cactus 22.50 more info
Kratom Bali Powder Caps
Kratom Bali Powder Caps more info
Kratom extract powder 15x
Kratom extract powder 15x more info
Peyote (2-3 jaar)
Peyote (2-3 jaar) more info
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