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Our team of writers is the engine that keeps the Elephantos Blog going! Hailing from all corners of the world, our writing team consists of people with different cultural backgrounds and expertise, sharing a common passion: psychedelics and 420 culture.

We created the Elephantos Blog because we believe education is the key to enjoying the world of psychedelics and natural highs safely. Our experienced writers provide you with news, guides and actionable information about everything related to our headshop. Enjoy the full potential of our products with the help of our writing team!

You can find more information about them below:


Write for us


Want to become a part of our awesome team? We are always looking for good writers! If you think you can add something special to our blog, just send us an email. We’d love to see what you have to offer!

We will consider submissions that tie in with the existing topics and themes of our blog. When submitting your ideas, please do a quick check to see if we have published something similar in the past. Also, please do not send copied or spun content because, as we check all articles thoroughly before publication.


Guidelines and information


  • You will get a byline for your article and thus, the opportunity to promote yourself. However, blatant advertisement on behalf of other companies is not accepted. We will allow you to link back to your website, but affiliate links, e-commerce and adult content websites are forbidden.
  • All articles must be exclusive and may be used only once. If you are going to republish the content you write, please use proper attribution, as this can create problems with major search engines.
  • All images submitted must be original or free to reuse under Creative Commons. If you don’t have access to original photography, let us know.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated. We check each submission prior to publication and if we find that your article contains copied content we will not accept it and any future pitches by you.

Thank you for your interest in working with us and good luck!


Meet our writers:

Our writers
1 article(s)

Hello! My name is Ninja, but you can call me whatever you'd like.

Let's start with my experience. I started writing poetry and short books at the age of ten. I found used predominantly on creative writing since I have always been creativel

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Xavier Francuski
Xavier Francuski
7 article(s)
Born in India, grew up in Serbia, lived and traveled throughout the world, Xavier's uprooted existence fuels his instinct for exploration.
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George Mouratidis
George Mouratidis
9 article(s)
George is a travel and cannabis writer. When he is not geeking out playing strategy games or reading obscure historical facts, he enjoys experimenting with sounds, hiking and taking photos. His life motto is “Enjoy every sandwich”.
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Hunter Burroughs
Hunter Burroughs
13 article(s)

Hunter Burroughs is an Oregon native with a passion for writing, cannabis, and the science behind psychedelics and their interactions with the human brain.

He spends his free time mountain biking, reading, and fishing.

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2 article(s)
K.C. is a writer, artist, and cannabis enthusiast. She believes that people should have as much knowledge as possible about anything they put into their bodies and hopes she can help further that education.
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Justin Nichols
Justin Nichols
I like sports, cannabis and gaming. I write about everything related to the effects of weed in my daily life. The good and bad.
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