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Bongs & Water Pipes

For those who enjoy a super smooth and strong hit of cannabis, Elephantos has Bongs & Water Pipes galore to choose from

Basically, a bong is a type of filtration system that includes a water chamber, a bowl for your herb, and a mouthpiece. Traditionally made of glass, these devices are usually used for smoking cannabis, but you could also use hemp, tobacco, or another herb of your choice.

Operating a bong may seem intimidating, but some smokers believe it's easier than rolling joints. After packing your chosen strain into the bowl, all you have to do is light up, get the water bubbling, and inhale from the bong's mouthpiece.

There's a good reason people have been using bongs for thousands of years. Most obviously, the water in these pipes helps naturally cool the steam, which makes the hit more satisfying. Water pipes are also fantastic at filtering out impurities.

Of course, bongs aren't as discreet as other cannabis smoking methods, but they are perfect for use at-home or in party settings.

On Elephantos, you'll find an extensive array of bongs & water pipes to choose from ranging from traditional glassware to ceramic, bamboo, acrylic, and metal. Whether you're looking for a funky water pipe design or a more standard style, we're bound to have a bong to fit your preferences.

Need more info on our bong & water pipe catalogue? Contact our expert Customer Care division on our handy Live Chat function.

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