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Return policy

Not quite sure of your purchase? B2C shippings

v2We give you 14 days to cancel your order and indicate that you want to return it. Then you have another 14 days in which to return the product at the latest.

Exchange a product?

v2No problem! As soon as we receive the returned product, we will send you your new product the same day.

Money back?

v2We will refund you your money the same day that we receive the returned product.

Did your order get lost?

v2No problem, we will resend you your products, free of charge.

Return, exchange and resend

The Elephantos team strives to satisfy you with our service and products.
If you do not like a product, we will try to find a suitable solution within reason.

If necessary, we will take back your order, refund or resend it

Our conditions for returning a product

If you are not satisfied with one of our products, you can return this product.
There are a few exceptions and conditions as described on this page.

Pay attention! Before you return a product to us, you must first contact our customer service.
We can only accept a returned order if we have given our approval in advance.

You may try the product to see if you are satisfied with it, but always treat it with care. Also, when returning the product, we ask you to pack it properly. If we receive the product or packaging back more damaged than normal, we may charge you for this decrease in the value of the product.

When can a product be returned?

  • If you have received the wrong product.
    In that case we will immediately correct our mistake.

  • When the product arrives damaged.
    In this case, we ask you to contact our customer service directly. If you wait too long, we cannot determine with certainty whether the damage occurred during the shipment.

  • When you regret a purchase.
    It can happen that you regret buying a product. We understand this and therefore offer 14 days return period. If this is the case, contact our customer service within this period.

  • When a product malfunctions within the specified warranty period.
    As soon as a device is defective, not by your fault, you can return it to us within the specified period.

  • If you believe that growkits are contaminated
    In this case we ask you to contact us directly. Send us clear pictures of the growkit so we can see what the problem is.

For returns, please follow the following steps:

Pack the item carefully to prevent damage during transport. Include a note with your name, order number, and reason for return. Send the package to the following address: International web & distribution services cv PO Box 75519 1070 AM Amsterdam The Netherlands. Make sure the package is securely sealed and marked as a return.

When can a product not be returned?

  • When the product has been used.
    For hygienic reasons we cannot accept used products.

  • When the seal of a jar or a package is broken.

  • When our smart shop products have no or little effect on you.
    Most smartshop products are made from herbs or other natural ingredients. The effect of these products may differ per person. For this reason, we cannot give any guarantees regarding its effects.

  • When you do not get enough harvest from our seeds or spores.
    Growing plants or mushrooms requires knowledge. There are many factors why a harvest might fail. For this reason, we cannot give any guarantee on the end result.


  • If a growkit arrives contaminated, you can contact our customer service immediately.
    We will offer you a suitable solution as soon as possible.

    If a few days have passed after receiving your order, we can no longer determine with certainty whether the fault lies with you or with us and you cannot return the product.
    It is therefore important to contact us immediately after receiving your growkit.

Free resending of an order

The internet economy has grown enormously and is growing still.
Every year, our shipping company transports many orders.
Unfortunately, sometimes it can happen that a package gets lost.
Because that is not your fault, we will resend the order at our expense.

When can you ask us to resend a non-arrived order free of charge?

We will resend the order if it has been lost by the shipping company or by our fault.
This can be proven with the track & trace service.
With track & trace you can track your package online and see when the package has been delivered to you or if not.
If the order has never been offered to you, we will resend it.


We do not resend your order

  • If you have chosen a shipping method without a track & trace service.
    During the ordering process we sometimes offer you several shipping methods.
    Here you can choose between a cheaper shipping service without track & trace or the slightly more expensive shipping method with track & trace.
    Only orders with a track & trace service can be checked and determined with certainty where the fault lies.
    That is why we advise you to opt for a track & trace service so that your order is protected by our shipping guarantee.

  • When the package has not arrived or has already been returned due to the customer's fault.
    For track & trace shipments, the recipient often must sign as proof of receipt.
    It is possible that you are not at the given address at the time of delivery.
    The procedure in this situation varies per country.

    In some cases, the shipping company will try to offer you the order at a different time.
    There is always a limit to the number of times they offer it. After the limit has expired, the package will be returned.
    It is also possible that the shipping company leaves a receipt so that you can pick up the package at the post office.
  • Also, in this case there is a time limit. If you do not pick up the package within this period, the package will be returned.
    We will not resend orders free of charge for those whose time limit has expired, not due to our fault.

    Customers are responsible for checking the tracking site to see where the order is located.
    The tracking site with its tracking code is always send to you after the order has been shipped.
    Contact Elephantos customer service on time if something seems to go wrong with the order, so we can help you as soon as possible.
  • When your order is retained by Customs.
    All our products are legal in the Netherlands.
    However, some of our products are not legal in certain countries.
    The products that we know are not legal in a particular country fall under our shipping restrictions.

    You cannot order these products from countries with said restrictions.

Unfortunately, we cannot keep track of every law (change) for all the countries in the world.
The customer is therefore responsible for looking up the legality of a product in his/her country, as well as accepting a possible risk of confiscation by customs.
Our advice, therefore, is to always check the legality of a product in your country before you proceed with the order. You can do this at customs or at a lawyer.