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If you're someone who likes to chill with a Chillum, then Elephantos has got you covered

For the uninitiated, chillums are conical shaped smoking devices that are intended for repeated use. All you have to do is pack ground weed into the top of the chillum, light up, and enjoy. It's that easy!

Because many chillums are pocket-sized, they are especially good for people who put a high priority on secrecy and convenience. The only major drawback with chillums is weed can sometimes get jammed inside the loading chamber, so you should clean these devices out as frequently as possible.

Although chillums are typically made out of stone, they could be made with other materials. In addition to our stone chillum line, Elephantos now offers glass, wood, and clay chillums, some of which come with carrying cases.

Please take your time exploring the wide range of chillum styles, textures, and shapes available on Elephantos. For more info on all of our Head Shop gear, don't hesitate to reach out to Elephantos on our new Live Chat function.

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