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Psychedelic Cactus

No need to break a sweat in the deserts of Mexico; buy a Psychedelic Cactus from Elephantos for an air-conditioned trip

Psychedelic cacti are a special variety of desert-growing plants that contains a psychoactive alkaloid known as mescaline. A few of the most popular varieties now carried in our Smart Shop include Peyote, Peruvian Torch, and San Pedro, all of which have been used in Native American religious ceremonies.

Users could eat the meat of their psychedelic cactus raw, but it does tend to have a bitter taste. To avoid this strong taste, you might consider first baking your cactus or grinding it into a powder and mixing it with fruit juice.

Of course, just be sure to take care with all of those prickly pins on these cacti! Trust us, there’s no medicinal value to swallowing those sharp spikes.

Although each cacti has slightly different effects, a few common experiences include:

• Vivid images
• Euphoria
• Enhanced sensitivity to sounds and visuals
• Loss of ego

Usually users start to experience the high from psychedelic cacti a few hours after consuming it. Effects could last anywhere from two to eight hours.

If you’re taking a large dose of psychedelic cacti, then we advise you have one sober person nearby to ensure you have a safe trip.

In addition to the actual psychedelic cacti, Elephantos offers seeds and beginner’s grow kits to help you raise your own cacti at home.

Still got questions about these magic cacti? No sweat. Our cacti colleagues are more than willing to lend you a hand.

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Peruvian Torch cactus
Peruvian Torch cactus 22.50 more info
Peruvian Torch growkit
Peruvian Torch growkit 12.50 more info
Peruvian Torch seeds
Peruvian Torch seeds 6.25 more info
Peyote cacti growkit
Peyote cacti growkit 12.50 more info
Peyote cacti seeds
Peyote cacti seeds 6.25 more info
San Pedro cactus
San Pedro cactus 22.50 more info
San Pedro cactus grow kit
San Pedro cactus grow kit 12.50 more info
San Pedro seeds
San Pedro seeds 6.25 more info
Peyote more info
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