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Magic Mushrooms For Sale

Rest assured: if you’re interested in Magic Mushrooms for sale, then you’ve come to the right place

In reality, there’s very little difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms. Sure, truffles grow underground and mushrooms grow above ground, but apart from that, both of these fungi will give you fantastic visions after you munch or brew them.

The reason Elephantos carries a ton of magic truffles, however, has to do with the law. Currently, the Netherlands only recognizes magic mushrooms as an illegal substance…even though both mushrooms and truffles contain the active compound psilocybin!

Anecdotally, some users claim the visions they get from truffles are more light-hearted and humorous compared with the introspective journey associated with mushrooms. This might make truffles a good option for creative types, depression patients, and people new to the world of psychedelics.

On Elephantos, you’ll find a great selection of magic truffle strains, each with different recommended uses and dosages.

Many users prefer to brew their truffle in the form of a tea, but you could also eat them in measured out doses.

Anyone new to the truffle scene might want to get in touch with an Elephantos staff member to better understand these fabulous fungi.

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Abraxas Gigas Magic Truffles
Abraxas Gigas Magic Truffles 22.50 more info
Atlantis Magic Truffles
Atlantis Magic Truffles 15.50 more info
Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffles
Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffles 22.00 more info
Elysium Magic Truffles
Elysium Magic Truffles 18.50 more info
Gandolfino Magic Truffles
Gandolfino Magic Truffles 19.00 more info
High Hawaiian Magic Truffles
High Hawaiian Magic Truffles 19.95 more info
Hollandia Magic Truffles
Hollandia Magic Truffles 14.95 more info
Mexicana A Magic Truffles
Mexicana A Magic Truffles 13.50 more info
Philosophers Stone mushrooms
Philosophers Stone mushrooms 13.75 more info
Psilocybe Cyanescens Magic Truffles
Psilocybe Cyanescens Magic Truffles 19.50 more info
Utopia Magic Truffles
Utopia Magic Truffles 19.50 more info
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