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Herbal Ecstasy

For supercharged energy at your next rave, you can’t go wrong with some Herbal Ecstasy now offered in the Elephantos Smart Shop.

Herbal Ecstasy refers to a variety of herb-based mixtures that mimic the psychoactive effects of MDMA without the legal and physical risks associated with that drug.

While most Herbal Ecstasy supplements are designed to help you party all night long, there are a few nootropic blends that could help with concentration, relaxation, or even transcendental meditation.

For convenience, most of these products are manufactured in pill form so you could swallow a few capsules whenever you need them. There are, however, a few ground herbs in Elephantos’s product line you could add to drinks or brew as a tea.

To help accommodate vegans and vegetarians, Elephantos also offers Herbal Ecstasy supplements in non-gelatin capsules.

Definitely reach out to our Elephantos staff if you have any questions about our fantastic Herbal Ecstasy line.

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