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One Hitter Pipe

If you're looking for a discreet way to enjoy a quick fix of cannabis or tobacco, then be sure to look through Elephantos's hot One Hitter Pipe collection

As you could tell from the name, one hitters are smoking devices that are good for about one hit of your preferred strain. All you have to do is load the ground herb in the bowl end, light up, and inhale through the mouthpiece.

Because one hitters are extremely portable, they've become a favorite with frequent travelers or tokers who like a hit on their work break. Users also claim one hitters are an excellent way to control their daily cannabis portions, which might help conserve your stash.

In the Elephantos Online Head Shop, you'll find dozens of different one hitters that range in size, shape, color, and style. Our one hitters also come in a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, anodized aluminum, brass, and wood.

Need more info on the one hitters in Elephantos's catalogue? Feel free to reach out to our team using our new online Live Chat feature.

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Better Bat The One Hit Wonder
Better Bat The One Hit Wonder 7.95 more info
Iron Ribbed One Hitter
Iron Ribbed One Hitter 5.95 more info
Mini One Hitter
Mini One Hitter 11.95 more info
Rogue One Hitter
Rogue One Hitter 9.95 more info
Shiny Iron One Hitter
Shiny Iron One Hitter 5.50 more info
Wooden Woody Gold One Hitter
Wooden Woody Gold One Hitter 5.95 more info
Wooden Woody Silver One Hitter
Wooden Woody Silver One Hitter 4.95 more info
Better Bat Smooth Tip
Better Bat Smooth Tip more info
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