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About the Nysberry Snuff Box

The result of superior design, high-end materials, and top-tier craftsmanship, Nysberry is an innovative, elegant, multifunctional snuff kit that will redefine the way you store and consume your snuff.

This sleek Zippo lighter-mimicking accessory is built from top-grade stainless steel. It features a reservoir for storing up to 2g of powder, a secure opening for dispensing the product, and a concealed sniffing tube to allow for safe and discrete hits anywhere, anytime.

Its small size ensures that the Nysberry box easily fits into any pocket, while its sleek, unassuming finish draws no unwanted attention while eliciting admiration from your snuff partners. Order your Nysberry box today and uplevel your relationship with your snuff.

How to Use the Nysberry Snuff Box?


Holding the Nysberry box with the branded side facing you, simply slide the high-quality cover anti-clockwise until you feel a click. Keep sliding until the interior is revealed, and you will see the magnetic chamber lid, which can be opened by inserting your nail under the upper groove.

Once you load your powder, simply close the lid, which will click into place when the magnets connect. At that point, your powder will be safely stored and ready for consumption anytime, maintained fresh and clean by the dry, antibacterial chamber.


The smooth, elegant sniffing experience that the Nysberry offers is where this product truly distinguishes itself from other snuff boxes on the market.

When you’re ready to consume your powder, hold the Nysberry with the branded side facing you and slide its cover clockwise to reveal an opening on the top left side of the box. Dispense your desired amount of powder and then slide the cover anti-clockwise to reveal a second opening on the top right side of the box, which holsters a sleek, stainless steel sniffing tube. The tube will smoothly slide out when you rotate the box; once you’re done enjoying your snuff, simply insert it back into its groove and bring the cover back to its original position.


With its heavy build, the Nysberry snuff box can also be used as a grinder - the side of the box is perfect for crushing any chunky material into a velvety powder.

Nysberry Snuff Box Features

Build: 100% high-grade stainless steel
Weight: 126g
Dimensions: 60 mm x 35 mm x 10 mm
Storage capacity: 2 grams


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