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Beautiful Agate Kit
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This is our larger and most popular kit. Inside the suede pouch you get a very nice stone (not a mirror), A spoon with a chopper on the other end, a snorting tube, a razor blade with safety shield on one side all in gold plated. PLUS a nifty little bottle that has a top with a pullout plastic spoon attached to it. VERY SUAVE. Would suit politicians, management teams and connoisseurs.

Length: 16,9 cm
Wide: 12 cm
Weight: 65 gram

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Beautiful Agate Kit (by morte) Monday 17 January, 2011

ive tried baby woodrose seed from this site very verry good have tryid them about 10 times or maybe more first time i took about 13 and it was a little overwelming so my advise is ti start with 8 i know a lot of people say 3-5 but i did'nt feel anyth..

Beautiful Agate Kit (by Pete) Wednesday 20 February, 2013

have never tried is but I'm very pleased to try it tonight......

Thx elep!..

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