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“End of the grow phase/begin of the flowering phase”:
A marijuana plant has a growing phase and a flowering phase.
This has to do with the period of time the plants get light per day.

Indoor cultivation growing phase:
The grow period for indoor cultivation is easy to control.
The period of light time is easy to sett by time clocks.
To start the growing phase, shall the period of light been sett to 18 hours lich/6hours darkness per day.
As long as the time period last, shall the plants stay in to the grow phase.
Normally the cultivator waits till the plant has reached her desired size before he switch to the flowering phase.
Indoor grow time takes approx 2 weeks, dependable on the desired size, to start the flowering phase with.

This is the time you switch from grow fertilizer to bloom fertilizer.

Indoor cultivation flowering phase:
To start with the flowering phase shall the cultivator sett the time clocks to 12 hours light/12 hours darkness a day.
The plant recognize that the days been shorter and assumed the summer is passed.
The plants will give all the priorities to propagating and shall directly switch to the flowering phase.
From this point the end date is decided.
There are early flowering strains and late flowering strains.
The average flowering time is 8-10 weeks from the time the flowering phase starts till the harvest.

Outdoor cultivation growing phase
Growing phase of outdoor cultivation begins to germinate the marijuana seeds in early springtime.
The best time to place the young plants outside, is when you be sure there will no frosty nights anymore.
From this period the light hours will enlarge each day so the plant knows it is springtime. This is comparable with the indoor 18 hours of light per day.
The plant will stay into the grow phase and shall stay growing till the end of the summer when the light time per day takes off.

This is the end time of the growing phase and the begin of the flowering phase.

Now you have to switch from grow fertilizer to bloom fertilizer.

Outdoor cultivation flowering phase:
One a two weeks after this the begin of the flowering phase shall appear he first signs of the flowering.
It starts with little white wires at the begin of the branches which finally will extend to the marijuana buds.

There is a exact date available which day the plants will start with the flowering stage into your country.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe this date into this manual because the flowering start time is different for each country of  the World.

For example, here in Holland is the begin of the flowering phase around the end of august.
The most plants here in Holland will be ready to haves at the begin/mid October.
The most European countries can approximately hold on this time.
For other countries do we advice to win some information about the exact flowering phase into your country.

You also can wait till you see the first signs of the flowering phase.
You still will be on time to switch to flowering fertilizers.

7 weeks after the estimated begin of the flowering phase you can add the boost fertilizer for extra heavy buds full of THC.


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