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Anadenanthera Peregrina
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The Anadenanthera peregrina (also called Yopo, Jopo, Cohoba or Parica) is a tree that grows in South America and the Caribbean. The seeds of this tree look very similar to those of the Anadenanthera Colubrina and have almost the same chemical composition. The seeds of the Peregrina are traditionally used by the shamans for rituals. Often they do this by blowing the powder into each other's nose using a blow pipe

The effects of the Yopo seeds are very similar to those of the Cebil seeds, which they are related to. However, the strength of the Yopo seeds is more powerful. Also, the effects are comparable to those of DMT and LSD, only less intense and prolonged. Users of the Yopo seeds experience a short but intense psychedelic trip, full of visions of death and rebirth, the disappearing of the ego and animal transformations. Yopo can be taken orally, rectally or through the nose. However, nasal intake (sniffing) is experienced by users as very painful. The effect lasts about 15 minutes with lighter after effects of 2 to 3 minutes.

Beginners are strongly advised to start with a low dose. The seeds can be roasted in a pan until they are dry. Only then can they be grinded into a powder. To roast the seeds you have to put a dry frying pan on moderate fire and let the seeds roast slowly until they pop. Make sure the seeds do not get too hot because this may cause a loss of active substances. Also note that the seeds have properly dried before grinding them, otherwise they will become a sticky paste that is difficult to process. The grinded powder can be smoked, sniffed, chewed or drunk in tea form. Most people experience sniffing the powder of these seeds as very painful. Hence most people prefer to use it orally (3-5 seeds per person when experienced, otherwise always start with 1). Again, we recommend strongly that beginners start with just 1 seed.You can take the grinded seed with something liquid (tea for example).

Anadenanthera peregrina available:
Seeds: 15 grams

Average dose for 1 trip:
Low dosage: 1 seed
High dosage: 3-5 seeds

Anadenanthera Peregrina is a natural product. Its strength can vary per gram.

Always start with a low dose. Many users experience uncomfortable side effects. Certainly the sniffing can be painful. Use it in a quiet, familiar environment, preferably with an experienced sitter, that is, a sober person who can take care of you. Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding, depressed, psychotic or in combination with alcohol or medication. Not to be used by minors. Do not participate in traffic during use.

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