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Guarumo Rapé

Rapé Guarumo

What is Rapé Guarumo?

This calming rapé blend contains Colombian Guarumo (Cecropia obtusifolia), also known as ‘trumpet tree,’ ‘pop-a-gun,’ ‘tree-of-laziness,’ and ‘snakewood tree,’ a powerful plant with a long history of medicinal use and a wide array of therapeutic applications. This tree is endemic to Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Panama; it grows up to 20m and births large, radial-shaped leaves.

What is Rapé Matico used for?

Amerindian medicine has been recorded to employ this as a remedy for diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, liver diseases, against obesity and to eliminate warts. It has vasorelaxant activity, likely due to inhibition of angiotensin, a hormone that raises blood pressure. To consume the plant, the woolly hair of its leaves and stems is dried and smoked like tobacco or powdered and added to rapé.

Due to its hypotensive effect, in a snuff blend, Guarumo acts as a natural relaxant. If this rapé is taken on its own, it can induce a grounded, meditative state or promote sleep. If taken with ayahuasca or other psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms or truffles, it can serve to keep the journey from becoming overwhelming and reduce anxiety.

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