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Friday 02 September, 2011

Bought a Buzz Bud. In my mind I though this was to be smoked in one session, and perhaps I'm just a pussy - but it's much stronger than that. One or two bowls is enough for a night, if you like to do it less regularly like me. Reminds me of a more chilled out, longer lasting version of N20 with a syphon. I'm guessing the salvia is doing the heavy lifting because in the beginning I had just inhaled a large bowl in my bong, and someone crudely interrupted my set and setting infusing a terrible rage inside me. Which I learned through some forums occurs with salvia sometimes.

Other than that the effect has been surprisingly good, although the body high is more straining then with weed. That's why I don't smoke it so often, which actually improves the experience.

I'm always kinda of dissapointed with legal mixes, but this stands out as my favourite so far.

+ For the experience high that reminds me of N20 (not so much insight high)
- For straining the body

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