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Monday 10 August, 2015

I had posted a review once I had received my white widow extreme I an happy to give a review on the quality of the outcome....these met and exceeded all my expectations....the genetics of these seeds were outstanding.....I only purchased 5 seed and all 5 grew out to be heavy yeilding, super sticky, potent buds....I averaged right about 4 oz per plant at about 32 inches in height...I topped them once for multiple tops on each....I wish I could attach a pic to this, because u would be immediately ordering some....there was not a spot anywhere which was not completely covered with trichs....they smelled wonderful and the buzz was just as was by far the strongest I have grown in 35 years....they were so stable the 3 of the 5 were like getting clones from seeds....I would NEVER order seeds from another company....Elephantos has come thru with the best when no others came close...thanks again...steve

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