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Sunday 15 March, 2015

The AK 47 is ok. It's not what I thought it was. I was expecting a really fast experience seeing that it only takes 47 days to Harvest. That's not the case. I started in June and Harvested in Feb. I used Fertilizers of course. That's a lot longer then 47 days to say the least. The quality was very good. Real sweet and and a nutty and fruity taste. I think it should be a tall or medium tall plant. Not a medium plant I grew inside and over 4 feet high. Wow!! I have been harvesting for the last five years and the time has come for me to give it up. It's not worth going to jail over something that should be Legal. I will still use the Herbal Joints as it works a lot better for me then the real Mary Jane and less headaches. Thank you Elephantos For All The Great Products :)

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