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Tuesday 18 August, 2009

I was positively surprised by the effect of these seeds, as legal highs rarely interest me. I ate about 10 grams on an empty stomach. I used a coffee grinder to make the seeds into a powder I sprinkled in some youghurt and ate. Started feeling kind of funny and a bit nauseus after about an hour and this lasted 2-4 hours (its hard to keep track of time when dealing with psychedelics). I was experiencing effects that reminded me of smaller doses of LSD and mushrooms. This went on for some hours, maybe 4-5, and finaly left my body without any unpleasant feelings.

From my point of view this was interesting, I gained some insights about my cosmic nature and wordly personality but this can't be compared to the kind of realizations that a full blown trip on mushrooms or LSD invoke. Yet, it was a great deal of fun if nothing else and I recomend this product for people who are inexperienced with heavier psychedelics or just want to have a good time :).
Enhance effect and go deeper into youself by combining with pot if you know what youre doing.

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