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Sunday 12 April, 2009

I ordered those from elephantos, it was first time i ordered anything like this from online shop and it was first time that ive tried these. Im a weed smoker with little experience in other plants, im gonna say it out loud. Nothing happened! I grinded seeds and placed them in hot water, kept it for around 2h and added lemon to fix flavor, me and two friends took 5 seeds each, waited and waited and waited but nothing happened. I was really angry about the whole thing, later with further research i found out there are 2 different seeds, both look almost the same with a difference in psychedelic effect.

Argyreia nervosa var. nervosa - trips
Argyreia nervosa var speciosa - nothing

So they look the same but "var speciosa" has no effect on you, and i believe elephantos sent me those. So im gonna rate it "bad", thats about the only thing i can do xD

Thanks elephantos for making me look like a douchebag infront of my friends.

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