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Sunday 01 November, 2009

Most first time users seriously underestimate the power of these seeds. If you read Patrick's review below he describes 'voices in his head'. Clearly he is extremely sensitive to LSA, and he should view this positively and experiment with much lower numbers of seeds. Mirko reports having no effect at all :he should do further research into the preparation of the seeds and try other methods. Everyone seems to be forgetting that LSA is an Entheogen. Most people want a happy trip and some laughs and are disappointed if that doesn't happen. Emma reports that she felt she was on the 'cusp of another existence', and that is closer to the true effect of LSA. Like all entheogens, different people have different experiences, and it may take several attempts using a variety of preparation methods to achieve 'breakthrough'. Persistence is necessary, don't just give up if it seemed to fail first time.

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