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Sunday 30 May, 2010

Did the recepie by the book and researched a lot before doing the brew. Had absolutely no effect. I just returned from an Ayahuasca rerteat where I got very little effect the first day but felt a shift and some high insights. I din not taste or looed remotely as the brew a made. The second day I went to God and had a blissful, heartwarming and also funny conversation about my life and my future. Learnt from the Shaman that Ayahuasca stores up in the body and can give you messages up to a month afterwards. And a few days afterwards it took me on some profound insights in a meditation absolutely sober. Dont know about the quality here but Ayahuasca is a sacred way to enlightenment and healing for sure.

Worth adding - One guy on the retreat abolutely was overcome with fear. He was new to Ayahuasca and had the intention to overcome fear of death. He faced it big time. So be carful what you wish for. Recommend you intend healing the first time. You can aslo ask the Ayahuasca to be more gentle if it is to rough. Stay conscious the whole time, try not to be seduced into stories. The big goal with the plant thru the ages is to eventually come out of your matrix looking at the world thrue the eyes of spirit.

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