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Coke Grinder

Coke Grinder

About this Coke Grinder

The medium-large black Coke Grinder grinds all your snuff and spice into fine powder.
This grinder is made out of top quality, hard plastic and the screen out of strong metal, so you never have to replace it.

The bottom of the grinder is tapered, so you can easily catch your grinded powder in the round plastic box which comes extra with this product.
After, you can divide the cocaine in these papers when you fold them in envelopes.


Length: 7 cm/ 2,75 inches
Wide: 5 cm/ 1,96 inches
Weight: 125 grams

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Coke Grinder by Ina

Snyggt formad kvarn med en glasflaska för att samla ditt malda material. Men kvaliteten är inte så b..

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Coke Grinder

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