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Cocaine Grinder

Cutting coke up with a card often does the trick, but if you want your blow to have the airy consistency of powdered sugar, you need to use a cocaine grinder.

Over time, if you’re snorting imperfect powder, your nostrils can suffer mechanical damage, cause you pain, and make it difficult to sniff. This is why a coke grinder is an indispensable tool for any self-respecting blow-lover.

A snuff grinder functions similarly to a typical weed grinder, but, of course, it yields much finer results.

Basically, when you load your coarse powder inside the top container and screw the lid on, you will press on the powder to force it through a super-dense metal mesh screen.

By pressing and turning the top part of the funnel mill, you create a force that breaks apart any clumps, pushing only the smallest coke particles through the mesh screen and into the collection chamber.

The bottom part of the powder grinder is conical and its lid can be unscrewed for depositing your freshly ground blow into a coke bottle or a coke wrap.

Each bullet grinder is easy to disassemble and clean, resistant to rust, and with durable metal screens that never need to be replaced. Remember not to run it unloaded, as the friction between the metal parts can damage them if there is no powder in between!

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