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Powder Grinder

Powder Grinder

About the Powder Grinder

This mill made out of high quality aluminum and is the smaller brother of the Cocaine Grinder.
The mill feels heavy because it's made out of high quality aluminum.
The screen of the grinder is also made out of aluminum, it's very strong so you never have to replace it.
The bottom of the mill is tapered so you can catch your powder directly into an envelope folded Cocaine Wrap Paper or Cocaine Bottle.

The Powder Grinder is easy to take apart so you can clean the 4 parts after use.
And the grinder is made out of anodized aluminum, so it will not rust after cleaning with water.


Length: 7,5 cm/ 2,95 inches
Diameter: 45 mm/ 1,77 inches
Weight: 210 grams

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