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Coke Spoon

What Is a Coke Spoon?

A coke spoon is exactly what it sounds like—a small, handy scooper that will save you from needing to shake out your powder on a nearby surface and prepare lines.

When using a snuff spoon, you simply stick it inside your stash and take out the desired amount of powder. Each cocaine spoon can hold exactly the right amount of blow for a quick, sneaky hit on the go.

This handy cocaine spoon usually comesincluded in our snuff bottle with spoon combo. Together, these two items make carrying your powder and ripping impromptu hits easier, safer, and more convenient.

We also offer nice stealth coke spoons like our cocaine key in several colors.

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Cocaine Spoon
Cocaine Spoon 4.00 more info
Coke Spoon Deluxe
Coke Spoon Deluxe 12.95 more info
Keychain Snuff Spoon
Keychain Snuff Spoon 5.95 more info
Mini Snuff Spoon
Mini Snuff Spoon 2.95 more info
OG Snuff Snuff Key
OG Snuff Snuff Key 2.49 more info
OneGee Spoon
OneGee Spoon 9.95 more info
Shovel Coke Spoon
Shovel Coke Spoon 6.95 more info
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