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The Platter Black

  • The Platter Black
  • The Platter Black
  • The Platter Black

The Platter by OG Snuff is the definitive snuff tray for social gatherings of any size. With its variety of small, large, thick, and thin preset line indents, as well as mini hit holes and slots for tubes and cards (sold separately), it caters to everyone’s needs at the same time, while also allowing a neat and stylish experience.

The glossy black finish serves as a perfectly contrasting background to the powder, which can be cut and spread across the smooth surface with ease. Lines are created for the whole group within seconds, and the rubber pads on the underside ensure the stability of the tray.

The Platter’s dimensions are 300 x 200 x 15 mm (including the rubber pads), and it weighs 330 g.

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